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We split up and parted ways.

Nice man. And Nina with her chatter immediately flew out of her head

I went up to the "nine" and shuddered - next to it was a "Volkswagen-Golf" of silver color. That frisky Igor completely flew out of my head, is it really him? I looked around: I couldn't see him, passionate, anywhere; I looked at the Golf again - the right front fender was even, without traces of repair, and he hit his head well there. So it's not his car. You're getting old, Tanya, don't be nervous. Carefully left and rushed to the casino. It has already opened, judging by my bregets.

I easily climbed the steps to the porch, smiled at the guards, said hello and headed into the hall.

At the nearest roulette wheel, a lone client strained, I went into the administrative corridor.


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